Scout, School and Private Tours

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose to do a tour through Gettysbike? Thats a great question! Gettysbike uses quality Licensed Battlefield Guides who have several years experience. Our guides come from backgrounds in teaching, leadership and guiding. All of our guides take safety while touring the battlefield very seriously and choose the safest routes possible. Our guides have been giving bike tours for years and are specifically familiar with all of the best bike routes and paths both in the park and in the town of Gettysburg. Along with the guides comes the bicycle support and rentals. All of our bikes are new Trek hybrid bikes with a couple mountain bike styles as well. The bikes are meticulously maintained and inspected for each ride and if they cause trouble while on your tour we will run a replacement bike out to you within 15 minutes (let your guide know and they will let us know). We will also run replacement bikes out to you even if you are using your own bike ($5 charge at the end of the tour). If you are staying in the area and would prefer to start from your location we can usually arrange that, just give us a call to discuss the options (not all locations allow us to start there).

If you are still on the fence feel free to look at our excellent TripAdvisor ratings and dont forget to call with any questions! (717-752-7752)

Scout and School Groups:

Group discounts for scouts and school start at 14 people. Because of variation in each groups numbers it is best to give us a call or send us an email to get an exact quote, we will need to know the requested tour date and time and the number people riding/renting bikes.

If you wish to simply rent bikes as a group without a guide you may! The rates are $10/hour or $20/day ($10 off the day rate). The day is from 8 am to 6 pm. These rates are good for any group of 6 or more people and only apply to rentals without a guide. Reservations for rentals and tours is highly encouraged!

Private Tours

Have your guide all to yourself and take a more customized tour. These tours are great if you want to spend more time and see more of the battlefield, if you want to focus on a particular part of the field or unit that fought here, or if you just don’t want to be on a tour with people you don’t know. You can determine how long you want the tour to be and what you would like to see. Since these tours are dependent upon availability of guides and need to be arranged in advance they cannot be booked online.

These tours start at $32/hr/person plus $100/group

Please call (717) 752-7752 to arrange a private tour.

Private Tour