The Historian Tour

This is a NEW tour! This is an approximately 20 mile tour which will follow a path similar to the Auto Tour. By doing so you will see most of the major events of the battle! This tour is 6.5 hours long plus a lunch stop (about 30 mins)! Lunch will be decided based on what is open but will generally be subs and sandwiches, there are vegetarian options as well!  We provide $15 per person towards lunch. Because of the special nature of this tour it is not listed on the websites booking system so you will need to call to schedule the tour (717-752-7752). This tour is designed for people who have a strong interest in history and/or want to experience the entirety of the events that transpired here. We do not recommend children under 13 take this tour. While the tour is long the pace will be leisurely at about 4 miles per hour. Below is a list of all of the sites you will have the opportunity to visit (the number of sites that you can visit will depend on any specific interests you may have):

  • Oak Ridge
  • Eternal Peace Memorial
  • Barlow’s Knoll
  • McPherson Ridge
  • All of West Confederate Ave
  • Pitzer Woods
  • Warfield Ridge
  • Big and Little Rounds Tops
  • The Wheatfield
  • The Peach Orchard
  • Plum Run
  • PA Memorial
  • Spanglers Spring
  • East Cemetery and Culps Hills
  • High Water Mark
  • Soldiers National Cemetery
  • Plus the option to follow the Union retreat through the town to Cemetery Ridge

Like all of our tours, the Grand tour is led by a very experienced Licensed Battle Field guide. Feel free to ask any questions and be sure to let us know before the tour starts if you have any particular interests or ancestors who fought here, as long as time permits we will try and accommodate these requests. A bike tour helps slow down your pace to a pace similar of the soldier who fought here, allows you get a perspective of the terrain that you cannot get in a car and allows you to get up close an personal with the monuments!

Price: $195 + $5 (bike rental)

Tour Duration: 6.5 hours

Tour length: ~20 miles

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If this tour is too long or too expensive check out one of our other tour options!

Historian Tour Reviews:

jhw1232018 wrote on TripAdvisor, “My daughter and I are history geeks who also enjoy riding bikes. We had a marvelous time on the “Historian’s Tour” by Gettysbike in which we toured the battlefield from 10 am to about 6 pm just because our guide — Bruce — was so terrific and kept wanting to show us stuff. We were blessed with terrific weather. Lunch at Jamie’s Place was superb. Mostly, we just loved the chance to get immersed in the whole battlefield and the history of all 3 days of the battle (plus background and preservation information since the battle) while also getting to spend a super day outside pedaling. For us, it was a super day that we would recommend to anyone who likes history and riding bikes. Thanks Gettysbike.”