The Family Tour

The Family Tour is designed for people who aren’t comfortable with biking in town traffic, who don’t have as much time, or who don’t want to bike so many miles. It is the tour we recommend if you have children. It gets to all the scenes of the important fighting on the Union lines during the days of July 2nd and 3rd–the bloodiest and most critical days of the battle. You will visit such famous places as the Pennsylvania Monument, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Devil’s Den, Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge where Pickett’s Charge was stopped. This tour is approximately 7.5 miles in length and is on National Park roads almost the entire time. There is one significant hill, Little Round Top, which may require some to walk their bikes.

Tour Price: $59 + $5 (bike rental)

Tour duration: 3 Hours

Tour length: 7.5 miles

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