The Pennsylvania State Memorial
The Pennsylvania State Memorial

The Pennsylvania State Memorial

One of the largest monuments anywhere on the Gettysburg battlefield is the Pennsylvania State Memorial. This monument is dedicated to all of the soldiers who fought in the Pennsylvania infantry, cavalry and artillery during the battle. A plaque in the entrance way sums this up with the following,


““In honor of her sons who on this field fought for the Preservation of the Union July 1.2. & 3. 1863”

Pennsylvania at Gettysburg

  • 69 Regiments Infantry
  • 9 Regiments Cavalry
  • 7 Batteries Artillery

Total Present 34530

Killed and mortally wounded 1182

Wounded 3177 Missing 860”


The base of the Monument is lined with bronze tablets that displays the Pennsylvania regiments and batteries that fought in the battle. All in all there are over 34,000 names of soldiers who fought at the battle. Below is an inscription from the inside of the right entryway.


“Pennsylvania Soldiers of the Army of the Potomac

who participated in the Battle of Gettysburg

  • 2133 Officers of whom 73 were killed or mortally wounded
  • 32,144 enlisted men of whom 1139 were killed or mortally wounded

Total engaged or on duty 34,247 – total killed or mortally wounded 1212

There were required in the construction of the Pennsylvania Memorial:

  • 1252 tons of cut granite
  • 740 tons of sand
  • 366 tons of cement
  • 1240 tons of broken stone
  • 50 tons of steel
  • 22 tons of bronze

Total 3840 tons”


The 110 ft tall Monument was dedicated on September 27, 1910, 47 years after the battle of Gettysburg. Samuel Murray, a sculptor, created the 7,500 pound winged statue victory (Nike) that sits atop the dome of the Monument. Victory was cast out of civil war cannons. The rest of the Monument is made of North Carolina Granite with a steel support structure and was designed by architect W. Liance Cotrell and contracted by Harrison Granite Co. Contractors.

The Pennsylvania Monument is a great place to start your visit to Gettysburg. Looking at the monument from the front, there is a spiral staircase in the left pillar of the monument. This staircase will take you to the top of the monument just below the dome and provides a fantastic view of most of the 2nd and 3rd days of the battle. There are bike racks out front!

* Information found here can also be found on the plaques around the Monument.