One of the least known and hardest to find markers on the battlefield is that of Captain Henry V Fuller’s monument. The monument is located in the Rose Woods and can be accessed by a trail off of the old trolley trail (looks like a drainage) or from the Wheatfield Rd by crossing a stone wall. The exact location can be found by following these coordinates 39.794846° N, 77.245178° W

Killed on July 2, 1863, Fuller was the commander of company F of the 64th New York infantry. He was killed while him and his men were retreating through the Rose Woods towards the Wheatfield.

The monument to Captain Henry V Fuller in the Rose Woods. Image courtesy Jake Auer

Captain Fuller was born in Little Valley, New York on February 16, 1841. At age 17 he worked for a lumber manufacturer who spoke very highly of him by saying “Henry standing, walking or speaking, exhibited qualities of superior man hood.” A year before war broke out he married Adelaide C Twomley of Little Valley.

At age 20 Fuller entered the army as a private on September 10, 1861. He joined company F of the 64 New York. He was promoted to orderly sergeant and then in December to 2nd Lieutenant

On May 19, 1862 Henry Twomley Fuller was born.

After the 64th first battle at Fair Oaks, Va Fuller was promoted to 1st Lieutenant for bravery on the field on July 23, 1862. Fuller was promoted to Captain for his “Gallant and Meritorious service” at the battle of Fredericksburg

On July 2nd 1863 Fuller, along with his men advanced with Brook’s Brigade against Anderson’s Division through the Wheatfield. They advanced into the Rose Woods and up to what is currently Brooks Ave. Here you can see the monument to the 64th New York. Brook’s Brigade advanced too far away from their division and were met by Semme’s Brigade of Georgians.

During the subsequent retreat (to prevent them from being surrounded) Fuller was wounded in the leg and could not continue. Private George Whipple saw this and moved to assist Fuller, as Whipple was helping Fuller through the wood a bullet struck Fuller in his back and passed out his shoulder killing him.