Cycling Resources

Below is a list of useful links (in no particular order) and information to help you cycle through the Gettysburg Battlefield! This list will be updated regularly with new and interesting material.


The first site I want to link here is HABPI (Healthy Adams Bicyclye/Pedestrian Inc). They are a local non-profit who help to establish new trails and simply promote cycling in Adams County. They do lead rides throughout the year so if your in town check out their site maybe theres a ride for you!

Addressing Gettysburg

The founder/original owner of Gettysbike is starting Addressing Gettysburg a podcast which is full of useful info and of course podcasts to help with your exploration of the battlefield! Their website has lots of useful maps, documentary clips and of course the podcast!

Civil War Cycling

This link is a very informative site run by Sue. She rides her bike all over battlefields and compiles a wealth of information about the battlefields and the areas they are in. As I write this she has information up for Gettysburg and Antietam. Her site is called Civil War Cycling.


All Trails Lead To Ice Cream

This link has good directions to a lot of mountain bike trails in the area as well as a blog which details some of the rides and what to expect! The site is called All Trails Lead to Ice Cream.