Bicycle Rentals

Bicycle rentals are available every day for walk ups! We can take bike rental reservations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want to reserve a bike for one of those days you can do so by clicking on the booking links to the right. To reserve a bike you must reserve for the day rate ($30) and there are no refunds the day you rent, if you decide to be out less than the day rate. Walk ups are always welcome any day!

We have a wide variety of bicycles available to rent. All rental rates are per person except for the kid and dog trailers. Helmets are required for rentals and are free of charge. We also have small handle bar packs available for free upon request. Every adult bike has a small saddle bag under the seat with a complimentary poncho and some extra room for keys or phones.  Helmets are required and provided free of charge.

Our cycling specific map will be available in the beginning of June! It is a detailed map that will help you navigate through the park and town. The map also has several points of interest spread out through the battlefield! These maps are free.  Standard park maps are also available for free.

Bike rental rates:

Non-Electric bikes $10/hr $30/day

Electric bikes $15/hr $45/day

Dog Trailer is free if you rent one of our bikes

Adult 21-speed Bikes:

Our rental fleet consists of Trek 7000 and Verve 1 hybrid bikes. They all have 21 speeds and hand brakes. Every bike will have at least one water bottle carrier and use platform pedals. If you would like to bring your own clip in pedals you may! We have adult bike sizes for people from 4’10 to 7′. We also have an adult tandem available!

Adult Electric Bikes:

We now have electric bikes also! These bikes are for adults only and have max range of 50 miles on the eco setting! The electric bikes are by Juiced Bikes and are the Cross Current model with an electrically limited top speed of 30 mph . The electric bikes are $15/hr or $45/day (no over night rentals for electric bikes).

Kids Bikes:

For children we have kids bikes that fit most kids from 4’5 to 4’10. All of our kids bikes are treks with 7 gears and hand brakes.


Our Tag-alongs add a second seat and third wheel to any adult bikes (regular and electric). This allows children who are too big for the trailer but to small or unable to ride on their own.


We currently have one Trek Tandem general suitable for adults and older children. The price is per person.

Bike Trailers:

For kids that cannot ride on their own we have trailers. The trailers are priced as one vehicle at $10/hr or $30/day but can hold two kids. Children under 1 year old should not be in a bike or trailer