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We maintain a blog that gets updated a couple of times a month. The topics including anything relating to Gettysburg though they are usually about monuments and geologic features of the area. Feel free to comment on the blog with questions and suggestions!

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Rides Around the Area

Below are a few rides for those of you who have your own bikes or are renting ours and would like to go the distance! Remember bicycles are allowed to go either direction on the one way roads IN the National Park, this is not legal in town. As a cyclist you must follow all of the rules of the road and use your best judgment with traffic. Remember the routes around the battlefield can be turned into a custom tour if you would like interpretation while you ride. 

This is a route that is similar to the Auto Tour but it cuts a few miles out. 

This next one is similar to the one above but it will go into the Culps Hill area which is one of the more hilly areas!

The route below is about 35 miles and does have some steep climbs in it. This route goes west of the Gettysburg National Park and on side roads and a couple main roads. If you go this route you should be comfortable with traffic (which at times can be heavy on the Fairfield Rd) as well as hills and distance. 


Check back soon there is more to come!