GettysBike Map Layer

How to use this layer

To use this layer first click on the button that makes the map expand at the top right of the map screen, it looks like [ ]. 

It will then either open in Google Maps or a prompt will appear asking you how you would like to proceed. You will need to open this in Google Maps. 

Once the map is open click "view map legend" on the bottom of the screen (it will be in blue font). 

This will display your options of what can be visible on the map. Check or uncheck what you are interested in. Once you finish that, tap the left facing arrow at the top left of the screen to go back to the map. 

You can search for specific objects in the search box above and get directions to places. Just remember that since this is based on Google Maps it may not take you the easiest way or the most scenic way to your destination. Also remember bikes are allowed to go either direction on the one way roads in the park. This is not legal most places so Google may not direct you down the opposite direction on the one ways.


This app layer is still a work in progress and is missing some monuments and pictures as well as some monument descriptions. It is expected to be completely finished in the spring of 2017. Comments and suggestions are appreciated!