The Historian Tour

This is a NEW tour! This is a 24 mile tour which will follow a path similar to the Auto Tour. By doing so you will see all of the major events of the battle! This tour is 6.5 hours long plus a lunch stop (about 30 mins)! Lunch will be decided based on what is open but will generally be subs and sandwiches, there are vegetarian options as well!  Because of the special nature of this tour it is not listed on the websites booking system so you will need to call to schedule the tour (717-752-7752). This tour is designed for people who have a strong interest in history and/or want to experience the entirety of the events that transpired here. We do not recommend children under 13 take this tour. While the tour is long the pace will be leisurely at about 4 miles per hour. Below is a list of all of the sites you will visit:

  • Oak Ridge
  • Eternal Peace Memorial
  • Barlow's Knoll
  • McPherson Ridge
  • All of West Confederate Ave
  • Pitzer Woods
  • Warfield Ridge
  • Big and Little Rounds Tops
  • The Wheatfield
  • The Peach Orchard
  • Plum Run
  • PA Memorial
  • Spanglers Spring
  • East Cemetery and Culps Hills
  • High Water Mark 
  • Soldiers National Cemetery 
  • Plus the option to follow the Union retreat through the town to Cemetery Ridge

Price: $175 + $5 (bike rental)

If this tour is too long or too expensive keep scrolling down, we have other options!

The Family Tour (3 hours)

The Family Tour is designed for people who aren’t comfortable with biking in town traffic, who don’t have as much time, or who don’t want to bike so many miles. It is the tour we recommend if you have children. It gets to all the scenes of the important fighting on the Union lines during the days of July 2nd and 3rd--the bloodiest and most critical days of the battle. You will visit such famous places as the Pennsylvania Monument, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Devil’s Den, Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge where Pickett’s Charge was stopped. This tour is approximately 7.5 miles in length and is on National Park roads almost the entire time. There is one significant hill, Little Round Top, which may require some to walk their bikes. Available only in summer and Saturdays in the Spring and Fall. 

Price: $59 + $5 (bike rental)

The Gettysbike Tour (3.5 hours)

Includes everything in the Family Tour and adds Seminary Ridge for the first day and Confederate lines/monuments. (Approximately 3.5 hours, 10.5 miles)  

Price : $67 + $5 (bike rental)



The Grand Tour (4 hours)

The Grand Tour takes you through all three days of the battle. It includes everything on the Family Tour (Peach Orchard, Devil's Den, Little Round Top, and Cemetery Ridge, where Pickett's Charge was stopped), but it also includes trips to the town, the first day's battlefield, the Confederate lines (with their beautiful monuments), and Culp's Hill. This tour is approximately 13 miles and requires trips through town traffic and has more hills than the Family Tour. Because this tour goes through sometimes busy town traffic, we strongly advise children under the age 13 not go on this tour.

Price: $74 + $5 (bike rental)



The Town Tour (3 hours)

Enjoy a casual 4.5-mile bicycle ride through the town of Gettysburg and experience the battle through the civilian recollections of those present, before, during, and after the fighting. You will see the original historic buildings (such as the Shriver House) and participate in the courage and tragedy of the civilian population.Learn about such people as Elizabeth Thorn (a pregnant woman who buried many of the soldiers), and Sadie Bushman (a 9-year-old who helped tend the wounded soldiers): people who never expected but responded so bravely and compassionately to the battle. These human interest stories will give you the civilian view of this turning point in history and remind you that courage and bravery were not limited to the battlefield.We offer a unique tour dedicated to the civilian women of Gettysburg before, during and after the great battle. These women who sacrificed of themselves so that others from both armies might survive. Because of traffic, we do not recommend Town tours for children under the age of 13.

Private Tours

Have your guide all to yourself and take a more customized tour. These tours are great if you want to spend more time and see more of the battlefield, if you want to focus on a particular part of the field or unit that fought here, or if you just don’t want to be on a tour with people you don’t know. You can determine how long you want the tour to be and what you would like to see. Since these tours are dependent upon availability of guides and need to be arranged in advance they cannot be booked online. Please call (717) 752-7752 to arrange a private tour.


Gratuities are optional and not included in these prices.

Grand Tour: $74     GettysBike Tour:  $67    Family Tour:  $59 

Town Tour: $75   Private Tour: Add $100 per group to the regular price. 

To add a regular rental bike is just $5 extra.

To add an electric rental bike is just $10 extra

Custom length tours: $100 per group & $32 per hour, per person.
Group tours (10 or more): Please call us for a quote

* Please note: We are not able to cover our guide expenses with only one person on a tour.  If you end up being the only rider on the tour,  you may be required to pay a surcharge on tour date in order to make up the difference.  ESSENTIALLY, YOU WILL BE RECEIVING A PRIVATE TOUR AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE.